Signs You are Dating an Slavic Feminist And How To Deal With Her

Articles claiming that feminism in Slavic girls undermines relationships or creates a barrier between men and women bother me. The issue occurs when women desire dominance and insult their spouses to exercise their wrong views or when males fear losing their patriarchal perks. Thus, feminism does not destroy couples.

The misunderstanding of Slavic girl’s feminism.

Bell Hook says, “Feminism is a movement to eradicate sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” It’s not only women wanting equality. There are feminist males. Breaking gender norms and preconceptions may lead to abuse.

As someone who spent four years at an all-girls institution, taught by powerful women and feminist academics, I may be prejudiced when I say feminist women are the best people. However, most are. Independent, open-minded, and entertaining. They may spice up a love connection and encourage significant conversations.

Dating a Feminist from Slavic countries

Here are some indicators you’re dating an empowered Slavic woman and how to handle her.
Independent and career-focused, Feminist women are sometimes portrayed as disliking males. This isn’t true, but feminists can live with or without males. They don’t need males to be happy, wealthy, or successful.
Most feminists cherish their employment and work hard to achieve their goals. They’re happily married with kids. They dislike the concept of putting their jobs on wait when they have children. To balance family and career, they’ll aim to be multifaceted.
Some Slavic women may divide the cost since culture says “I’m a guy, thus I should pay.” It’s wonderful when a man pays the dinner bill or buys presents for a date, but most feminists say it’s unnecessary. If you’re dating a feminist, she may want to share the cost not because she insults your manliness but because she earns and can pay. Gender shouldn’t define a person or their interpersonal duties, according to feminists.

Not to impress, she dresses to convey.

It’s lovely to hear “you’re beautiful without makeup” and “you don’t have to go to the gym because I embrace all your curves and defects.” Thanks, but no thanks. If your feminist girlfriend spends hours applying her cosmetics and choosing an outfit, don’t think she’s doing it to please you (or please other men). She clothes herself, honey. She expresses herself via dress and makeup.
She returns kindness.

What? Romantic and courteous gestures please women. They feel like princesses when guys open doors, offer train seats or carry their baggage. However, don’t be shocked if your feminist girlfriend extends the same courtesy to you, mainly if she thinks you need aid.

She criticizes films and series.

I think she would choose Queen Elsa over Snow White. Any film that depicts a woman as a “damsel in distress” or sex object may spark debate. You don’t have to agree with her, but it’s great to hear her arguments about why the film is sexist and see it from a different perspective.

“No” is her forte.

No longer does the spouse have the last word. Feminists won’t keep quiet and will strongly disagree. They talk for themselves but also ponder and grasp the opposite side. Good feminists respect their partners’ ideas but won’t be forced to do anything against their will.

Sexual pleasure is her request.

Feminists are beyond the concept that sex pleases males. As much as their spouses, women want pleasure. They’re also not scared to start.
Ask her feminist views and anticipate a discussion.
Arguments begin with “I’m a guy, I should be…” or “you’re a woman, you should be…” Believe me. Open-minded feminists will accept your perspective and understand where you’re coming from, but they won’t change their convictions. Whether you agree or not, hear her out. Her advice might prevent you from making a sexist remark in public.

She advocates defying gender roles.

Men are trained to be tough to defend women and not to weep. They also have restrictions on occupations, duties, gestures, and clothes. Feminists usually urge their partners to follow their instincts, regardless of gender norms. If necessary, they let their partners wash the dishes or weep.



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