Belarus Women

Belarus WomenBelarus means White Ruthenia in Slavonic: Biely = White plus Rus, name of the Rus, the historical population of the Khaganate of Rus and Kievan Rus. For this reason, especially when it was under the rule of the Russian Tsardom, the region was called White Russia in Spanish.

Belarus or Belarussian is a European country located between Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, and Latvia, which is somewhat unknown to us. The country, whose capital is Minsk, has around 9.5 million inhabitants, most of whom speak Belarusian (similar to Polish).
It was one of the countries that made up the Soviet Union until 1991, but unlike the others, it did not join the European capitalist system without opposition. This is why one of its main characteristics is the lack of consumerism that is practiced in its society. This makes it an essential place for tourists who want to experience time travel and enter the Soviet era. Now we will tell you some curiosities about this wonderful country and its culture.



What about Belarus Women?

Belarussian women usually get married for the first time when they are about 25 years old. Most Eastern European countries look like this. For example, in Russia, most women get married between the ages of 25 and 30, and in Ukraine, the average age of a woman’s first marriage is about 26 years old.

Even though Belarusian brides have traditional values and beliefs about how important a family is, they don’t see anything wrong with getting divorced from abusive husbands. For more information, see: Belarus has a high divorce rate (over 54 per 100 marriages ). This means that Belarus has the third highest divorce rate in Europe, after Ukraine and Russia. Belarussian women have a lot of education, even more than their men. In Belarus, 38% of women with jobs have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but only 27% of men with jobs do.

Belarusian brides are similar to Russian girls and Ukrainian girls in a lot of ways, but they also have a lot of different ideas and personalities. For example, Belarus brides are calmer than Slavic brides from Ukraine or South European ladies (Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Slovenia, Latvia, or Estonian).

Why do Belarusian Women search for single foreign men for relationships? There are thousands of Belarus Women on online dating websites, most of these women want serious relationships, and other girls are looking for online relationships for chat and friendship.

Evey Belarussian woman is different, but most of them look for foreign men for some of the following reasons:

  • Belarus has problems with its economy and government. The average monthly wage in Belarus is about USD 440, but that’s not the point. Other things make young Belarusian women want to leave their country. It has more to do with the Soviet-style economy, stagnant economy, and authoritarian government that has limited civil liberties. Thousands of young, educated, and independent Belarusian women just don’t see a future for themselves in this country. So, they want to leave, and the US is a great place for them to go.
  • Belarusian men. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or say that Belarusian men aren’t very good. We just want to point out that Belarus has one of the highest divorce rates in the world, and most of the time it’s not Belarusian women who can’t keep their relationships together. Infidelity, drinking too much, and violence at home Belarus women still face all of these forms of abuse and violence, which is sad.


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